November 30, 2008

dreamland abyss

was nominated in iconique
she's yunnru, stylist: hakim satriyonegoro

huge thank's to: madrim, wisnu, bona n dito..
oso.. hugsss for budi, thanks :D

better luck next time aye?

October 31, 2008


cliche title i know.

mira zhakupova :D

October 28, 2008

stay away stay

The Duo: Baimagambetova and Zhakupova

Make up: Me
Stylist n Hair do: Hakim Satriyo

Photo: Zindy Amalia

October 19, 2008

she is pearl

Mira Zhakupova :D

wardrobe: classyx by hakim satriyo

March 10, 2008

plastic teen

pics above: madrim and sarita. another session with hakim n wisnu.pohpoh...

February 6, 2008

counting hearbeats 72 in a minute

Working for vacation
Walking for meditation
Watching television for as long as I want

People got science but make no sense, still can't do anything for cutting out violence

When I think of something, It goes out to space
Then it comes back (to me) in another shape
We know we are not apes, but we could make sweet seedless grapes

Feeling wrong cause the days are too long, counting heartbeats 72 in a minute

(working for vacation cibo matto)

February 5, 2008

stick to you



January 31, 2008

winter wonderland,

January 30, 2008

fooled by winter

January 4, 2008

and we passed out

Heartless, clueless, eventually numb
And after one last painless goodbye
I passed out,

Here we are now, seeding our lifes
with grass, flowers and trees
In different land, far from each other

Yes we were once had one soul to share
and here we are now.

Smiling to hundreds birds, and to the breeze of the wind.
Here we are, together with the others,
but each other.

Poles apart, even further, your sun is no longer mine
and we couldn't fight and argue about our stars,
nor about our own nights.

Heartless, clueless, eventually numb
And after one last painless goodbye
I passed out, we all passed out